Dutch Parliament Adopts Motions on Azerbaijani Provocations Against Armenia

By Asbarez | Wednesday, 24 November 2021

The Parliament of the Netherlands adopted two motions on Wednesday addressing Azerbaijan’s provocations and aggression against Armenia and the continued captivity of Armenian prisoners of war.

In a statement the Armenian Embassy in the Netherlands said that in one of the motions the Dutch parliament calls on the government to work jointly with the European Union to conduct an independent investigation into the facts of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and report the results to the parliament as soon as possible.

The second motion mentions the serious problems of human rights, free speech, freedom of media in Azerbaijan, which are further deepening. The motion also has a reference to the Armenian prisoners of war who are still illegally held in Azerbaijan.

“Taking into account the participation of Azerbaijan, a country far from EU values, to the Eastern Partnership summit to be held on December 15 this year, the Parliament of the Netherlands calls on the government to draw conclusions from the above-mentioned situations during the EU-Azerbaijan talks within the Eastern Partnership summit,” the Armenian Embassy’s statement says.