09 September, 2023

Short Film Program

Back to Ashtarak:

A man returns to his hometown to relive the happiest moments of his childhood.

Armenian Papers (Papiers d'Armenie):

At the market of Yerevan, a merchant invites us to share his fruits and his history… Accompanied by birds, we discover the life of this man full of the colours of Armenia.

Rapping Under Fire:

Three young men spend their lives in an active war zone, surviving a lingering, forgotten conflict from the dying days of the Soviet Union. They discover rap music, and adopt its style–defiant, proud, rapid-fire—as a voice to express their fears and desires to an eager younger generation.


A young couple on a first date opens up to one another about their struggles with their identity.

Wounds of War:

Set during the Second Artsakh War, a military truck transporting Armenian troops is targeted by enemy drones. Only two survive, a soldier and his commanding officer, a sergeant. Both have sustained injuries and are faced with difficult decisions in order to survive…


When a war suddenly breaks out, a 14-year-old boy finds himself faced with a decision that could save his family, with no time to think, he embarks on a treacherous 250 km journey to safety… Based on a true story.


Contact Details

Organiser: Armenian Film Festival

Venue Name: Event Cinemas Top Ryde

Venue Address: 109/135 Blaxland Rd Ryde NSW , 2112