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Through Use of Force, Azerbaijan is Forcing Concessions from Artsakh, Says Human Rights Defender

Azerbaijan is altering the provisions of previously reached agreements through the use or threat of military aggression, forcing Artsakh to make concessions and severely violating the people’s basic r..

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Yerevan Calls on International Community to Stop Azerbaijani Aggression

Armenia’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday called on the international community to take immediate measures to stop Azerbaijan’s aggression, after Azerbaijani forces ramped up their attacks against Armen..

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2 Soldiers Killed, 14 Injured as Azerbaijan Ramps Up Attack on Artsakh

As Azerbaijani forces ramped up their attacks on Artsakh positions, two soldiers and 14 others were injured on Wednesday, the Artsakh Defense Ministry reported. Starting at around 9 a.m. local time on..

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Azerbaijani Forces Attack Artsakh Positions, Attempt Crossing Line of Contact

Azerbaijani armed forces continued their aggression against Armenians in Artsakh and launched an offensive on Monday targeting positions in the north and northwest of the line of contact, ..

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Raffi Hovannisian Barred from Entering Artsakh

Armenia’s first Foreign Minister and the founder of the Heritage Party Raffi Hovannisian was barred from entering Artsakh on Sunday, said an announcement from the party. Hovannisian, who served in Arm..

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