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ARF Bureau Condemns Turkey’s Attack on Syria

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation strongly condemned Turkey’s brutal attack on Syria, calling on the international community to combat ..

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Civilians Scramble to Flee as Turkey Launches Strikes on Northern Syria

Smoke billowing from buildings in Ras al Ain, Syria after Turkey began bombing Syria on Oct. 9 (Delil Souleiman/Agence France-Presse) ANCA supports “harshest sanctions on Turkey for attacks upon Ameri..

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Bust of Charles Aznavour to be Placed in Paris

A bust of Charles Aznavour, by sculptor Alice Melikian In 1964, artist Alice Melikian created a bust of Charles Aznavour in honor of his first visit to Armenia. Recently, the sculpture was gifted to P..

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Turkey Receives Second Batch of Russian S-400s

Russian S-400 air defense system The Turkish defense ministry announced that it has received the second batch of the Russian S-400 air defense systems, the Anadolu news agency reported Monday. Accordi..

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Moscow Concerned with Yerevan, Baku War of Words

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova Saying that Moscow is concerned with what is being termed as accusations being hurled by Yerevan and Baku, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson M..

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