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Sassounian: Turkish Gravediggers Rummaging for Genocide Era Armenian Treasures

Harut Sassounian BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN Haber Turk TV recently interviewed one of the thousands of Turkish gravediggers. Turkish gravediggers are individuals who attempt to recover Armenian treasures, ar..

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Populate or Perish: An Australian Attitude That Can Address an Armenian Problem

By Haig Kayserian

"Populate or perish."- John Curtin (Prime Minister of Australia 1941-45)

Following the attack of Australia’s northern border during World War ..

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Sassounian: Armenia’s Leaders Take Strong Positions Against US & Azerbaijan

Harut SassounianBY HARUT SASSOUNIANThe most noteworthy Armenian foreign policy development of the week was supposed to be the first negotiating session between Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pas..

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Rabbi Schneier Takes Evangelical Pastors On a Propaganda Tour of Azerbaijan

BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN For several years, the government of Azerbaijan and its diplomats overseas have gone to great lengths to win over Jews worldwide, American Jewish organizations, and Israel. Azerb..

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Sassounian: Azerbaijan Enlists Infamous Congressman Hastings in its Anti-Armenian Propaganda

Harut SassounianBY HARUT SASSOUNIANCongressman Alcee L. Hastings (Democrat of Florida) is the latest transmitter of Azerbaijani propaganda. He issued a statement on February 25, 2019, which he entered..

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