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Armenian Flag Raised on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Anthony Ghanime at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro BY ALEEN ARLSANIAN Anthony Ghanime, a 27-year-old Glendale resident, recently climbed the tallest peak in Africa—Mt. Kilimanjaro. A Chamlian and ..

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EXCLUSIVE: Anaheed Sarian Speaks to Masterchef Australia Star Anushka Zargaryan

By Anaheed Sarian - armenia.com.au

This picture was last Tuesday morning, after Australia found out that Anushka Zargaryan had been eliminated from Masterchef, that I had the pl..

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Berejiklian Interviewed in Armenia: Discusses Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian Genocide

The Premier of Australia's largest state of New South Wales, The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, was interviewed by ARMENPRESS while in Armenia. The following is the interview in full.
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Sassounian: Turkish Anti-Armenian Lobbying Extends to City of Armenia in Colombia

Harut Sassounian BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN The Breitbart website published an article by Frances Martel describing the Turkish lobbying efforts in the Colombian City of Armenia, which was founded in 1889 an..

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Belligerent Status

Soldiers of the Artsakh Armed Forces BY HRANT APOVIAN “A rebel group gained “Belligerent Status” when all of the following had occurred: It controlled territory in the state against which it was rebel..

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