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May 27 2017 | 12:25pm AET

Feature Articles

Erdogan’s Guards Beating Protesters Reinforces ‘Terrible Turk’ Image
Harut Sassounian BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN Armenians and non-Armenians alike were saddened and outraged seeing videos of the attack on 11 protesters who were injured after being hit, kicked and choked by Pr..
Malta Bank Employee Reveals Documents Linking Aliyevs to Bank Accounts
Harut Sassounian BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN Continuing the series of articles we published in the last two weeks about corruption in Azerbaijan, we wish now to reveal additional scandalous details about fund..
Aliyev Family Plunders Azerbaijan’s Oil Revenue
BY HARUT SASSOUNIAN The government of Azerbaijan allocates its multi-billion dollar oil and gas revenue in four ways: 1) Bribery; 2) Theft by President Ilham Aliyev’s family and his cronies; 3) Mili..