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Sassounian: Britain Investigates Wife of Azeri Banker For Multi-Million dollar Shopping Spree

BY HARUT SASSOUNIANAnother Azerbaijan-related major corruption scandal is brewing in Europe. The country’s crooked officials have swindled billions of petrodollars for their personal benefit while the..

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Sassounian: Armenia Needs Both Charity and Investments, Not Only Investments

BY HARUT SASSOUNIANThroughout the years, since Armenia’s independence in 1991, I have had the unique opportunity of spending hundreds of hours with the country’s three previous Presidents, discu..

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Editorial: A New Beginning for Independence

A scene from last spring’s popular movement in ArmeniaThe 27th anniversary of the Armenia’s Independence is being celebrated under new circumstances where the popular uprising this past spring h..

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Madenlian: Our Greatest Strength is Our Unity

Hundreds of thousands gathered at Republic Square on Friday for a rally to mark Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s first 100 days in officeBY GARO R. MADENLIAN“It is not in numbers, but in unity, that o..

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Do Not Tax the Green in Armenia

Solar panels manufactured by Armenia-based Arpi SolarBY GOR MKRTCHIANArmenia’s collection of renewable energy firms, among them Arpi Solar, Shtigen LLC, Redinet CJSC, and Solaron, are all operating un..

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