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Asbarez Book Review: Letters to Barbra Have a Long Life

“Letters to Barbra” is the latest novel from Paul CharderjianLetters to Barbra,
By Paul Chaderjian
Meshag Publishing, 2018. pp. 524.BY RUBINA PEROOMIAN, Ph. D.As a reader who had the chance ..

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ARF Signals Return to Roots By Passing Women’s Quota at World Congress

The participants of 33rd ARF World Congress held in Artsakh last monthBY HAIG KAYSERIANWe are quick to criticise political parties in the Armenian world, which is always expected and often justified. ..

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Harut Sassounian: Erdogan Legalizes Drugs Contrary to his Islamic Faith

Harut SassounianBY HARUT SASSOUNIANPinar Tremblay, a Turkish reporter for Al-Monitor news website, exposed Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent announcement to legalize the plantation of cannabis.Tremb..

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Another Azeri Scandal: Aliyev’s Daughters Try to Buy $76 Million London Home

BY HARUT SASSOUNIANThe British Guardian newspaper exposed in its Dec. 21 issue the latest financial scandal involving the daughters of Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev.Leyla and Arzu Aliyeva sought..

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Op-Ed: Ministry of Diaspora Must Stay

By Stepan Kerkyasharian (Sydney, Australia)

The Armenian Diaspora was elated by the fact that Armenia had accomplished the unbelievable; a bloodless revolution for the purposes ..

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