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Daron Acemoglu Earns MIT’s Highest Faculty Honor

Daron Acemoglu BY PETER DIZIKES MASSACHUSETTS (MIT News)—Economist Daron Acemoglu, whose far-ranging research agenda has produced influential studies about government, innovation, labor, and glo..

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Lawsuit Against Turkey Proceeds In United States Federal Court

The ancient site of Ballum, which is currently located in Turkey, is an ancestral pilgrimage site for the native Armenians of Kessab LOS ANGELES – A lawsuit filed against the Republic of Turkey moves ..

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Armenian Genocide Scholar Vahakn Dadrian Passes Away

Professor Vahakn Dadrian Prominent Armenian-American scholar and historian of the Armenian Genocide Professor Vahakn Dadrian passed away Friday. He was 93. Reaction was swift to Dadrian’s passing, wit..

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89 Lawmakers Join ANC America in Fighting Trump Attempt to De-Fund Artsakh Aid

89 Members of Congress join fight against Trump’s efforts to defund Artsakh Sen. Bob Menendez Kicks Off Senate Effort to Support Artsakh De-Mining; Visit anca.org/call to take action WASHINGTON—The U...

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Trump Administration Attacks U.S. Aid Program to Artsakh

  WASHINGTON—The Trump Administration—caving in to pressure from Azerbaijan’s authoritarian Aliyev regime—is targeting the humanitarian aid program in Artsakh, attempting to shut down the HALO Tr..

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