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European Parliament Report Distorted by Azerbaijani Media

Harout Chirinian BRUSSELS (Armenpress)—The Azerbaijani media again spread disinformation, this time distorting the content of a European Parliament report on the implementation of the Common Security ..

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ARS Issues Emergency Appeal for Lebanese-Armenian Community

The ARS is offering a number of programs and packages for the Lebanese-Armenian community. To donate, visit ars1910.org/give The economic crisis and the political instability in Lebanon have taken an ..

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Canadian Armenian Genocide Survivor Passes Away at Age 105

Eugenie Papazian TORONTO (Horizon Weekly)—A Toronto woman believed to have been one of the last Canadians to have survived the Armenian genocide died on Thursday, four months shy of her 105th birthday..

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Murderer of Armenian Soldier in Turkey Sentenced to 17 Years

Sevag Balikci The defendant in the case of Sevag Balikci, an Armenian citizen of Turkey who was shot dead during his compulsory military service, has been sentenced to 16 years and 8 months in prison,..

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Trump is Last of Washington’s Ankara Apologists: ANC America

Presidents Erdogan (left) and Trump in Washington The State Department on Tuesday said that the Trump Administration’s stance of the Armenian Genocide remains unchanged, despite last week’s historic r..

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