Armenia bans online gambling ads

By Asbarez | Tuesday, 29 December 2015


YEREVAN (Casino Scam Report) — In an effort to protect consumers, Armenia voted to prohibit online gambling adverts to prevent gambling addiction

A strong presence with online gambling in Armenia has been attracting the interest of many. With operators, gaming developers and players expressing attention with the market worldwide, some new forms of legislation have gone into effect including the ban of online gambling advertisements.

In November, Yerevan hosted the Armenian Gaming Forum, the First Gaming congress which covered every aspect of online gaming. It was then announced that all online gambling advertising would be banned in the market. Many ask why when the online market is showing success. A spokesman for the Government of Armenia said that the unified tactic to ban adverts is to protect consumers.

Legislators voted in favor of banning advertising by 91 votes. Government officials feel that if online advertisements are disallowed then they can prevent problems such as addictive gambling.

With the prohibition of the adverts, operators will be given less incentives to join the Armenian marketplace. As of now, the only advertising allowed will be at hotels which are 4 stars and higher, entry points to the Republic of Armenia, and gaming centers. The ban will be in effect until the government sees fit to lift and allow for further advertisements.