Only Armenian school in Moscow on brink of closure

By Asbarez | Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Moscow's only Armenian school on the brink of closure (Photo: Hayern Aysor)

Moscow’s only Armenian school on the brink of closure (Source: Hayern Aysor)

MOSCOW (—The only Moscow-based Armenian school may be closed down, Chairman of the Managing Board Irina Rubanova said, according to Sputnik Armenia.

The school №1650 was founded in 1989 in Moscow after the 1988 devastating earthquake in northern Armenia. The decision was made to ensure that children who were receiving treatment and rehabilitation in Russia, could continue their education in conditions maximally close to those in Armenia.

Rubanova said state authorities want to merge the Armenian educational institution with the Moscow school, also demanding that the board find funding.

School staff have already appealed to the Union of Armenians of Russia and other Armenian organizations, but to no avail.

She added that Armenia’s Ministry of Education has made every effort to settle the matter, expressing readiness to provide projects between Moscow and Yerevan, give full support in the educational and methodical issues and staffing.