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August 20 2018 | 7:26am AET

Which parties and blocs will make up Armenia’s new parliament

Source: Asbarez | Tuesday, 04 April 2017
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Voter line up at a polling place on Sunday for the Parliamentary Elections (Photo by Razmig Sarkissian)

Voter line up at a polling place on Sunday for the Parliamentary Elections (Photo by Razmig Sarkissian)


YEREVAN—Armenia’s Central Election Commission on Monday released the official results of Sunday’s Parliamentary Elections, which drew 60.8 percent of Armenia’s eligible voters to the polls in the first election since a new constitution was adopted in 2015.

Based on preliminary results, four political parties and alliances, out of the nine vying for seats, garnered the needed percentages to enter the parliament and form the new 101-member legislature, a change from the previous 131-person body.

The ruling Republican Party of Armenia received 770,718 (49.15 percent) of the votes. The “Tsarukian” Alliance, led by businessman and former parliament member Gagik Tsarukian garnered 428,892 (27.35 percent) votes, while the “Yelk” Alliance led by parliament member Nigol Pashinyan walked away with 121,997 (7.78 percent) of the votes. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation will remain in parliament. The party received 103,148 (6.58 percent) of the votes.

Political parties needed five percent or more of the votes to enter parliament, while opposition forces and alliances were required to have received even percent to secure seats in the parliament. In order for a party or a bloc to form a government 54 percent of votes are required.

The final vote results as presented by Armenia's Central Election Commission

The final vote results as presented by Armenia’s Central Election Commission

The other five political alliances did not garner the needed votes to secure seats in the parliament, thus the aforementioned four forces will rule the legislative branch, which in 2018 will elect a prime minister who will govern the country and complete Armenia’s shift to a parliamentary form of government.

The Armenian Renaissance Party received 58,274 (3.72 percent) votes, while the “ORO” Alliance that brought together former foreign ministers Vartan Oskanian and Raffi Hovannisian with former defense minister Seyran Ohanian received 32,487 (2.07 percent) votes. The “Congress-Armenian Democratic Party” Alliance, led by former president Levon Ter-Petrossian received 25,973 (1.66 percent) votes. Trailing these forces were the “Free Democrats” Alliance, which received 14,740 (.94 percent) votes and the Communist Party of Armenia, which came in last with 11,742 (.75 percent) votes.

Now the parties and the CEC will work together to determine the additional seats each party will receive from the proportional lists of candidates. This will increase the number of members for each party thus elevating their percentages.

The final results are expected to be announced later this week.

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