Armenian Parliament approves government action plan

By Asbarez | Thursday, 22 June 2017

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan addressing parliament

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan addressing parliament

YEREVAN  (ArmRadio)–The Armenian National Assembly on Thursday voted to approve the government action plan, which has been debated in the legislature for a long time.

The vote of 64 to 31 signals a vote of confidence in the government, although the two opposition groups in parliament, the Tsarukian and Yelk blocs, did not vote for plan.

Addressing the Parliament before the voting, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan said “we have worked out a very practical and well-calculated program with a big potential.”

“This is a professional program that will make Armenia a better country based on our culture, traditions and family values, and at the same time very modern and understandable to the world,” Karapetyan said. He added that the government is open to and interested in cooperating on any platform.