Don’t expect behind-the-scenes backing for anyone, PM’s wife says slamming cronyism

By Armenpress | Monday, 16 July 2018

YEREVAN, JULY 13, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s wife Mrs. Anna Hakobyan says she doesn’t plan to assume the role of a mediator for anyone for employment.

Speaking about the status of the PM’s spouse at an event at the Byurakan arts academy where her “My Step” Foundation was launched, Hakobyan said that all her perceptions have exceeded the stereotypes which exist about the wife of the first figure.

“During these two months people treated me as a woman who can secretly influence her husband’s political decisions, as a mediator for her husband to hold a meeting with a given individual, or endorse their proposals. People treated me as a woman who can mediate behind the scenes in order for friends, friends of friends and their friends get hired in ministries. I have felt like a woman whom many government members feel cautious about, and find being friends with me as a privilege for solving personal issues,” Hakobyan said, admitting that this fact was very disappointing for her.

“I am asking for what I say here to be noted and not to attribute any role beyond the foundation’s activities to me and not have any expectations. I don’t have favorite actors, singers. I am not going to make mediations to give office to anyone,” she said.

The PM’s wife advised not to expect patronage from her regardless of how many times she has had coffee with any given individual.