Republican Party of Armenia to Run in Elections

By Asbarez | Friday, 16 November 2018

Former defense minister Vigen Sargsyan (left), seen here with former president Serzh Sarkisian and other Republican Party of Armenia leaders, will lead the candidates list

Former defense minister Vigen Sargsyan (left), seen here with former president Serzh Sarkisian and other Republican Party of Armenia leaders, will lead the candidates list

YEREVAN (—The former ruling Republican Party of Armenia has officially confirmed its participation in upcoming parliamentary elections and nominated former Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan as its top candidate.

The Republican Party of Armenia announced the decision late on Sunday after a five-hour meeting of its governing board chaired by the party’s top leader, former President Serzh Sarkisian.

Sargsyan told reporters that the board approved the list of his party’s election candidates that will be submitted to the Central Election Commission on Wednesday. He declined to publicize the list, saying only that it will be topped by him.

Sargsyan also said that Serzh Sarkisian will not run as a candidate in the snap elections scheduled for December 9 despite remaining the party’s chairman. Nor will the former president be involved in the party’s election campaign, he said.

Sarkisian, 64, resigned in April amid mass protests triggered by his attempt to extend his decade-long rule. He has kept a very low profile since then, leaving it to his political allies to comment on political developments and occasionally challenge Nikol Pashinyan, the protest leader elected prime minister in May.

The 43-year-old Vigen Sargsyan is a U.S.-educated protégé of the ex-president who served as Armenia’s defense minister from 2016-2018. He was widely regarded as Serzh Sarkisian’s potential successor before the dramatic regime change in the country.

Most observers believe that the HHK is now too unpopular to pose a serious threat to Pashinian. Some of them say that it will struggle to win any seats in the new parliament.

Sargsyan, who was elected the Republican Party of Armenia’s first deputy chairman on Sunday, admitted that Pashinyan’s alliance will almost certainly win the December elections.

“The upcoming elections will not determine who will be in power,” he said.“That question seems to have already been answered, and I think that the prime minister whom our fellow citizens rallying in the streets designated as the people’s candidate … will continue to perform his duties. He has something to prove … and we are prepared to hold him in check in the future parliament.”

Sargsyan further declared that his party is aiming to finish second in the polls because it is now the sole genuinely opposition force in Armenia.

“I think that if Nikol Pashinyan is sincere about his intention to build a new Armenia he will vote for the Republican Party when he finds himself alone in the polling booth,” claimed the former defense chief. “Because he should see no other alternatives in terms of his opponents in the future parliament. If he doesn’t do that, it will mean what he wants to have a puppet opposition.”

Pashinyan accused the former ruling party and Serzh Sarkisian in particular of corruption, mismanagement and human rights abuses during the protest movement

The Republican Party of Armenia won the last parliamentary elections held in April 2017, heavily relying on its administrative and financial resources. It was greatly helped by wealthy government-linked individuals accused by opposition forces and media of bribing and bullying voters. It is still not clear how many of them remain allied to the former ruling party.