Government Approves New Cabinet Structure

By Asbarez | Saturday, 09 March 2019

The Armenian cabinet on Thursday

The Armenian cabinet on Thursday

YEREVAN—The Armenian Cabinet on Thursday approved its new structure. According to the draft legislation, which is yet to be approved by the parliament, the government will be comprised of 12 ministries instead of the current 17.

Minister of Justice Artak Zeynalyan said the decrease in the number of ministries is important in terms of streamlining the operations of the government. He said the draft law eliminates the position of first deputy prime minister and reduces the number of deputy prime ministers.

Zeynalyan said the Ministry of Culture and Sports will be merged with the Ministry of Science and Education and will be called the Ministry of Science, Education, Culture and Sport.

The Ministry of Agriculture will be merged with the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments and will have a new name.

The Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources will be part of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development, which will also oversee transport, water, civil aviation and state property management.

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology will be divided and some of its functions will be transferred to the Ministry of Territorial Administration. The ministry will oversee the high-tech sector, including digitization and the military-industrial complex.

The Ministry of Diaspora will be reorganized into the office of the Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Issues to be overseen by Prime Minister. Below are the ministries the Armenian government is to be composed of.

1. Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
2. Ministry of Health
3. Ministry of Justice
4. Ministry of Emergency Situations
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
6. Ministry of Education Science Culture and Sport
7. Ministry of the Environment
8 Ministry of Defense
9. Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures
10. Ministry of High-Tech Industry (the name may be changed)
11. Ministry of Economy
12 Ministry of Finance