Two French Journalists Injured During Azerbaijani Attacks on Martuni

By Asbarez | Thursday, 01 October 2020

Injured Le Monde journalist Allan Kaval being treader at the Stapanakert Hospital

Injured Le Monde journalist Allan Kaval being treader at the Stapanakert Hospital

Azerbaijani forces bombed Artsakh’s Martuni region on Thursday, as a result of which several journalists reporting on the latest attacks were injured, among them two French reporters from Le Monde. A guide accompanying the Le Monde reporters was killed, according to Artsakh officials.


One of the Le Monde reporters, Allan Kaval, suffered grave injuries and was transported to the Stepanakert hospital, where he underwent surgery.

‘’Yes, the civilian accompanying them [the Le Monde reporters] has been killed,” Armenian Defense Ministry spokesperson confirmed reports.

The Le Monde reporters were part of a convoy of journalist visiting Martuni to cover the war the war. Reporters from Agence France Presse, Russia’s Dozhd TV, Armenia’s 24News outlet, as well as a reporter and a cameraman from Armenia TV also came under fire and were injured.

President Emanuel Macron of France said his government would do provide all necessary support to the French reporters, including airlifting them out of Armenia.

Artsakh presidential spokesman Vahram Poghosyan said the Le Monde reporters were inside the Martuni City Hall building when the Azeri artillery strikes hit the town in Artsakh, adding that Azerbaijani targeted the vehicles transporting the reporters.

In addition to the two Le Monde repoters, the vehicle transporting the crew from AFP was hit, a cameraman for the ARMENIA TV Channel and a reporter of 24News were wounded.

The 24News Sevak Vardumyan sustained injuries but was not transported to the hospital. Deputy Editor in Chief of the Russian Dozhd TV channel Dmitry Yelovsky also came under Azerbaijani fire but was unharmed, according to a statement issued by the channel. Armenia TV channel’s cameraman Aram Grigoryan was also injured.