Artsakh President Joins Troops to Fight in Frontlines

By Asbarez | Saturday, 03 October 2020

Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan addresses joins the fight on the frontlines

Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan addresses joins the fight on the frontlines

Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan announced Saturday morning local time that he is personally heading to the frontlines to fight against Azerbaijani forces who are continuing their attack on Artsakh for the seventh day.

In an address to the country’s military generals, soldiers and volunteers publicized on his Facebook page, President Harutyunyan that the heavy battles taking place along the entirety of the Artsakh border have prompted the decision to join the Artsakh Armed Forces.

“Civilian settlements, including the capital city of Stepanakert were bombarded,” he said. “The nation and the homeland are threatened. The right to live freely, independently and with dignity on the land that was liberated by our brave sons’ blood is threatened. Therefore, right now I am heading to the frontline with our special forces units to fight my share of the battles because from now on I will be more valuable at the frontline.”

“This is our final battle, which we will most definitely win together. I am with you until victory,” added Harutyunyan.

Before going to the frontline, Harutyunyan met with the special forces, with whom he is to fight on the frontlines and spoke to them about the importance of fighting for the survival of the homeland.

The complete text of Harutyunyan’s address is provided below.

The full text of the President’s address is provided below:

Generals, officers, sergeants and soldiers of the Armenian Army deserving glory and pride,
Devoted volunteer fighters,

Along the whole Artsakh and Azerbaijan contact line heavy combat actions of various intensity are going on.

Civilian settlements, including Stepanakert, came under shelling.
The Nation and the Homeland are in danger; the right of living and creating freely, independently and with dignity on the soil liberated at the price of the blood of our brave sons is threatened.

Thus, together with the special purpose units I am now heading to the frontline for fighting my part of war, because now I will be more useful at the frontline than in the rear.

I urge all of you to get on your feet immediately and with single-minded devotion protect our integral right of living in our own homeland without any risk to our existence.

This is a sacred patriotic war which we should win through the participation and devotion of every single person.

I believe in the courage of your souls and the strength of your arms.

Let’s be worthy of our Great ancestors, of all those who gave their lives in Sardarapat, Great Patriotic War, Artsakh Liberation Struggle, April 2016 War, July 2020 combat actions, so that every morning of our mothers, sisters and children opens with peace, so that their every smile is filled with dignity and pride.

Let’s be responsible before the present and coming generations in order not to allow the century-long enemy genocide us again and wave a yataghan above our existence and dignity, so that the coming generations have an opportunity of existing and creating on our own soil, with our own values.

We have had many victories and created an organized and a combat-ready, strong and victorious army in the whole region. Today the Armenian Army is the impersonation and the backbone of national unification and consolidation.

Now it is time for our whole nation to become an indomitable and powerful army, a spiritual domestic battlement to which all foreign storms will hit and fall on to knees.

I am confident that you share my concerns and belief, that you also adopt those nationwide and universal human values for the sake of which we should stand unbending and dauntless.

This is our last fight which we undoubtedly will win together.

I am with you until the VICTORY.
To arms!
This is an honour!