Yerevan Voices Support for Tehran, Criticises Baku for Destabilising Region

By Asbarez | Wednesday, 06 October 2021

Armenia called out Azerbaijan’s provocations, saying it impacts other countries in the region, and praised Iran’s role in reducing tensions, as a row between Baku and Tehran continued to grow on Tuesday.

“Iran’s role and ability in stemming tensions and establishing stability in the region is obvious, a clear example of which is Iran’s clear position on the inviolability of the borders of the Republic of Armenia,” Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan said in an interview with the state IRNA news agency.

“We believe that expanding Iran’s involvement will have a positive impact not only in the context of the friendship and mutually beneficial partnership between our two countries, but will also serve in the interests of a peaceful, secure and prosperous future for the region,” added Mirzoyan who was in Tehran on Monday.

Armenia’s top diplomat also told Iran’s state news agency that Azerbaijan’s continued provocations has had an impact not only on Armenia but other countries in the region, citing the blocking of traffic to commercial vehicles from Iran on the Goris-Kapan highway by Azerbaijani forces.

Calling Baku’s continued obstacles “inadmissible steps,” Mirzoyan said “encouraging [Baku’s] behavior, as well as anti-Armenian and belligerent rhetoric by third countries, creates additional obstacles for the stability of the region.”

Mirzoyan also blamed Azerbaijan for not fulfilling its obligations as outlined in the November 9 statement.

“Though the November 9 Armenia-Russia-Azerbaijan trilateral declaration put an end to the hostilities, the situation remains fragile. This is due to the non-fulfillment of some of the commitments assumed by Azerbaijan by the mentioned declaration, the distortion of some of its provisions, the ongoing detention of prisoners of war and civilian hostages, belligerent and expansionist rhetoric, aspirations to the sovereign territories of Armenia and the new threat of use of force,” explained Mirzoyan.

“Nevertheless, Armenia continues its efforts to establish firm regional stability in the region. The program of our Government clearly states the readiness to make efforts for opening an era of peaceful development for the region. I am sure that all the necessary preconditions for that era will be created if other countries display the appropriate political will and take constructive steps,” the foreign minister told IRNA.

While addressing some of the provisions of the November 9 statement, including the so-called opening of communications in the region, Mirzoyan said that nowhere in the said document is there any point that calls for the creation of a transportation corridor through Armenia.

“It should be said that neither in that document [Nov. 9], nor in the context of opening the infrastructures, there has ever been any discussion of providing a corridor through the territory of Armenia. This has been clearly registered not only by Armenia, but also by the mediators and by Russia,” explained Mirzoyan.