Another Armenian Soldier Killed by Azerbaijanis in Gegharkunik

By Asbarez | Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Another soldier of the Armenian Armed Forces was fatally shot on Monday when Azerbaijani forces opened fire on the village of Norabek in Armenia’s Gegharkunik Province.

Armenia’s Defense Ministry reported that around 6:10 p.m. local time. Azerbaijani forces, using different caliber firearms opened fire on the village, killing Suren Safaryan (born 2002), the defense ministry reported.

Gegharkunik governor Karen Sargsyan confirmed to that Azerbaijani forces opened fire on near the Norabek village.

This incident comes less than a week after Azerbaijani forces attempted an invasion of Armenia on its eastern border in the Syunik Province. The Defense Ministry on Friday reported that six Armenian soldiers died from the attack, while 13 soldiers were taken hostage, with another 24 missing in action.

Armenia said it has applied to the European Court of Human Rights to ensure respect of the fundamental human rights of the Armenian prisoners of war captured on November 16 during the offensive launched by Azerbaijan, Armenia’s representation at the ECHR said.

With its filing, Armenia is calling the ECHR to apply interim measures against Azerbaijan, in order to ensure respect of the captives’ rights to life and prohibition of torture as envisioned by the European Convention on Human Rights.