MEDIA RELEASE: Joint Javakhk Committee TUMO Box Set for Launch in 2024

By Armenia Media | Monday, 07 August 2023

The Javakhk TUMO box is set to open its doors in 2024 following paramount community fundraising efforts by the Joint Javakhk Committee. Working with the support of the ARS Australia, AYF Australia, Hamazkaine Galstaun College, HMEM Scout Chapters across Australia and the broader community, the Joint Javakhk Committee raised more than AUD 40,000 in support of the Javakhk TUMO box project.
“The ARS has been working over several years to support social programs for young people across Javakhk and we’re excited by the prospect of now bringing TUMO to our youth in Akhaltsikhe,” said ARS Australia Regional Committee Chair, Nora Grigorian.
When the Javakhk TUMO box in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia opens early next year, it will provide hundreds of young people in this region with access to the best technologies and educational programs.
TUMO is a free-of-charge educational program that puts teens in charge of their own learning. Participants will have access to self-learning activities, workshops and project labs that revolve around various technology-related learning targets.
“We’re thrilled to announce that the Javakhk TUMO box project will become a reality in the not too distant future due to the tireless work of the Joint Javakhk Committee,” said AYF Australia Central Executive Chair, Nanor Shokayan.
“By making technology accessible to young people in Javakhk, we will be changing lives and providing the youth with opportunities for personal and community-wide education," said Shokayan.
The Joint Javakhk Committee organised a number of community outreach events, where committee members presented Javakhk's modern day challenges and hopes for the future. This work was supported by several key fundraising events, including the annual ARS Australia Regional Committee Cocktail and a student fundraising drive organised by the Hamazkaine Galstaun College student council.
Javakhk is a region of Georgia, located along the border with the Republic of Armenia. Historically populated by Armenians, the region has a rich Armenian cultural, intellectual and community past. The region and people currently face a series of social, health-care, community and economic challenges.
The Joint Javakhk Committee is an initiative of the Armenian Youth Federation Australia (AYF Australia) and the Armenian Relief Society of Australia (ARS Australia). The Committee aims to deliver a number of cultural, educational and community initiatives dedicated to supporting the people and communities of Javakhk.