PRESS RELEASE: Leading With Purpose: AYF Australia Empowers The Community’s Next Generation of Leaders at Annual Leadership Seminar

By AYF-Australia | Wednesday, 09 August 2023

PRESS RELEASE - Leading With Purpose: AYF Australia Empowers The Community’s Next Generation of Leaders at Annual Leadership Seminar

On the 1st and 2nd of July 2023, the Armenian Youth Federation of Australia (AYF-AU) successfully hosted its 4th annual Leadership Seminar at Galstaun College. The two-day seminar brought together over 20 leaders and members from the chapters across all three regions: Melbourne, Northern Sydney and Western Sydney. With the overarching theme of "Leading with Purpose," the seminar aimed to instil passion and purpose within the next generation of the Armenian-Australian community leaders and empower them to make a meaningful impact within their respective chapters and regions.

The Seminar featured guest speakers, including corporate professionals and community leaders who generously shared their expertise and insights. Attendees had the unique opportunity to hear from these leaders, gaining valuable knowledge and inspiration for their own leadership journeys in our community.

One of the highlights of the program was the inclusion of a mental health awareness workshop presented by Luisa Ziccarelli - STARTTS, emphasising the importance of personal wellbeing in leadership. Recognising the challenges and pressures faced by young leaders today, AYF-AU strives to nurture the emotional and mental resilience of its members.

Furthermore, team-building activities played a crucial role in fostering camaraderie (ընկերութիւն) and strengthening the existing bonds amongst AYF-AU chapters and their members. Through interactive exercises and discussions, participants had the opportunity to engage and exchange ideas and experiences and brainstorm ways to turn them into actionable steps.

Guest speakers included Haig Kayserian, General Manager at digiDirect and former ANC-AU Executive Director, who brought a wealth of experience in community leadership and leading volunteers. Tanya Pelja, Executive Director, HSEQ APAC at BGIS, presented insights on organisational culture and safety followed by a hands-on team challenge. Lastly, Kevork Tufenkjian, Senior Manager at Commbank and an experienced leader in the community, joined the attendees at the campfire facilitating an open discussion around a variety of topics around the AYF experience.

Recognising the importance of aligning actions with a sense of meaning and direction, the core theme of purpose remained at the centre of the seminar's discussions and reflections. By delving into the concept of purpose, attendees aimed to refine methods and strengthen the impact of their initiatives, ensuring a brighter future for the Armenian youth in Australia.

As an organisation dedicated to nurturing and empowering the next generation of Armenian leaders, AYF-AU initiatives remain committed to this. The annual leadership seminar serves as a testament to AYF-AU's dedication to supporting the personal and professional growth of its members, instilling in them a sense of purpose and resilience.

AYF-AU extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the guest speakers and attending members who contributed to the success of this event.

Central Executive - Armenian Youth Federation of Australia