'Fall of Aleppo'...Willful misrepresentation of the truth

By Horizon Weekly | Thursday, 06 October 2016

The stories of carnage from Aleppo are beyond the tolerance level of any person of goodwill. They reflect the inability of the powers to be, i.e. US and Russia, to deal effectively and forcefully with Aleppo's continuing tragedy. One would think that the horrible fate of the innocent folk both in East Aleppo and Aleppo proper would induce the Editorial Board of the Washington Post to put an end to its deliberate misreporting. Not so! They insist on using biased terminology to misinform the public and spread further confusion. When they say "Aleppo", they mean "East Aleppo" which currently is the bastion of Turkey-trained and Turkey-supported extremists and a minor contingent of so-called "moderates". By Secretary Kerry's admission, at any given point, one has no way of knowing who among these elements has the actual initiative. We know that these extremists have been aiming their rockets at Aleppo's peaceful neighborhoods (including the Armenian neighborhoods) killing families, maiming children, destroying churches and schools and homes. Yet the Washington Post is not in the habit of reporting the endless ordeal of these people in Aleppo proper. To its editors, the "fall of Aleppo" has the lopsided meaning of the defeat of extremists, which they obviously do not want. They seem to be betting on the outcome of a Cabinet-level meeting in the White House today, which is supposed to produce a more aggressive move by the US to engage in an all-out (cruise missile) attack of the Syrian Air Force and "the supply of more advanced weapons to the rebels" (meaning the extremists in East Aleppo).

This may be all too confusing to the American public, which is also the reason why the mass media has been able to get away with its constant misinformation.

The bottom line is that this is the old neocon-inspired policy inherited by the Obama administration of hitting Assad and destabilizing Syria for the sake of God only knows what (and who cares about ISIS?). This is a US policy that has enabled Turkey to spread ruin (through its surrogates ISIS and derivatives) throughout Syria and promises to do even more.

Should the US expand its military involvement in Aleppo today along the lines anticipated by the Washington Post editorial, Aleppo would not only vanish from the face of the earth, but the forces unleashed by such a war would get the whole region sucked into a black hole robbing the future generations everywhere of their right to a peaceful existence. And that would be the final legacy of the Obama administration. What a shame!