Armenia’s ambassador participates in Armenian Genocide Centennial event in Damascus

By Asbarez | Thursday, 24 December 2015

Armenian Ambassador in Damascus, Arshak Poladian speaking  (Source: Public Radio of Armenia

Armenian Ambassador in Damascus, Arshak Poladian speaking (Source: Public Radio of Armenia

DAMASCUS (Public Radio of Armenia)—The Armenian people of Damascus held an event titled “Lights on the History of the Armenian issue” dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial on December 20. Armenian Ambassador in Damascus Arshak Poladian, who participated in the event at the Damascus-based Abu Rumana Cultural Center said that the genocide committed by the Ottomans against the Armenians was an obnoxious crime and terrorism against people in their homeland.

He reiterated that despite the Turkish attempts, the tragedy, in which about a million and half of the Armenian people were killed between the years 1915 and 1923, is still affected one generation to another and it leaves a destructive cultural and moral effect on all the Armenians.

He clarified that Syria and its people have been the safe sanctuary for the Armenian people during that difficult stage as Syria embraced many of the survivors and it provided the safety and security. He stressed how after establishing a decent living, these Armenian people mingled in the mosaic of the Syrian society.

The Ambassador concluded by thanking the Syrian people and expressing deep gratitude for them, wishing that security and stability will return to Syria and its people.

A six-minute long film was screened during the symposium. The film talks about the Armenian deep-rooted culture and charming nature and beautiful streets which have been described by the historians as the God’s paradise on the earth.

The film was accompanied by a sad melody reflecting the difficult circumstances which the Armenian people went through at that time.