Turkish military deployment will result in secession of Javakhk

By Asbarez | Monday, 11 January 2016


Turkish military (Source: Ivarfjeld.com)

Turkish military (Source: Ivarfjeld.com)

KRASNODAR (Arminfo News Agency) — The Javakhk Diaspora of Russia issued a statement openly calling on the population of Javakhk (Samtskhe- Javakhet- Tsalka region) to launch a signature collection for secession if the attempts to deploy a Turkish military base in the territory of Georgia are really made.

The Javakhk Diaspora of Russia issued the statement following the Georgian media report that mentioned these possible considerations of the deployment of a Turkish military base in Georgia are said to be discussed in an upcoming meeting of the defense ministers of Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

“We call on the newly-elected government of Georgia to prevent the country’s involvement in the deliberate provocative conflicts, given that Turkey is going to do the bidding of its western and North- Atlantic patrons and to deliver another stab in the back of Russia, destabilizing the situation in the territory that directly affects the interests Russia’s security. In the given case, the interests of not only Russia but also neighboring Armenia are affected,” the statement says.