Armenia, Georgia sign military cooperation agreement

By Yerkir Media | Tuesday, 02 February 2016

Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan and his Georgian counterpart, Tinatin Khidasheli signed today in Yerevan a program of military cooperation between the two countries for 2016.

According to Ohanyan, the program focuses primarily on strategic planning, peacekeeping operations and military training.

Speaking to reporters, Ohanyan said they also spoke about regional security. He added that in that context Armenia attaches great importance to the dialogue, resolution of problems by political means and creation of an atmosphere of tolerance.

"Our talks are based on the age-old friendship, long-standing relationship and the areas that ensure our cooperation-, tourism and cultural and economic relations," he said. 

Ohanyan said although Armenia is a CSTO member and Georgia aspires to join NATO, this does not hinder their interaction.

In turn, Georgian minister gave special importance to the discussion of issues that unite Armenia and Georgia, for example, Armenian and Georgian peacekeepers missions  in Afghanistan for the sake of global stability and peace.