Russia unable to update on possible annulment of Russian-Turkish treaty

By Asbarez | Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Russian Foreign Ministry Building

Russian Foreign Ministry Building

YEREVAN(Armenpress) — The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that they cannot provide any new information on the possible annulment of the Russian-Turkish Treaty, signed in Moscow on March 16, 1921. The Russian Foreign Ministry assured this when commenting back to Armenpress regarding their inquiry about the agreement.

“We do not have a new position on the mentioned issue, our last position was presented by Maria Zakharova on February 10,” stated the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On February 10, Zakharova confirmed: “I can say that the Russian Foreign Ministry received a request from a number of parliamentarians of the State Duma of Russia with a proposal to terminate the mentioned agreement. At this point I would say that the request should be evaluated to determine what exactly is offered there. Accordingly, everything will be done according to the order. We need to examine this initiative so far.”