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August 19 2018 | 5:52pm AET

Two Afghan citizens arrested while crossing Turkey-Armenia border

Source: Asbarez | Tuesday, 12 July 2016
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YEREVAN (Armenpress)—Russian border patrol officers stationed in Armenia arrested two citizens of Afghanistan who had illegally crossed the Armenia-Turkey border.

Local residents alerted the border patrol about an unknown person who was seen on the shores of the bordering Arax River.

Minutes later the border detachment squad at Artashat began surveillance. The trespasser crossed the waters and hid in the bushes. At that very moment, the border patrol arrested him. Minutes later another trespasser was spotted and placed under arrest.
An investigation revealed that the trespassers were Afghanistan citizens and wanted to cross to Europe via Armenia and Turkey. A bag confiscated by the border patrol contained personal items and to cell phones.

The men have been handed over to Armenia’s National Security Service.

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