Israeli MPs propose petition to include Armenian Genocide on Knesset agenda

By Asbarez | Wednesday, 03 August 2016

Israel's Knesset (Photo:

Israel’s Knesset (Photo:

JERUSALEM (Armenpress)—Israeli MPs have proposed to organize a petition on including the issue of the Armenian Genocide recognition in the Parliament’s autumn session agenda, chairman of the Armenian National Committee of Jerusalem Hakob Sevan said.

“The Education and Sports Committee Chairman’s words that the Committee officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, gave a new impetus to the process, and it seemed it was a challenge to the plenary session. It was stated that this way cannot be continued and the issue is being constantly delayed. It was a difficult situation for the Israeli MPs. They were discussing the Parliament’s regulations, trying to figure out how to move forward the issue. The participants in the Committee discussion mainly had positive attitude and wanted to move forward the process. There was a proposal to organize a petition to involve the issue in the plenary session’s agenda,” Sevan said.

He said the foreign ministry representative was present at the Committee discussion, and it became known that there is no change in the stance of this structure.

“As it was seen from the July 7 speeches, it seems that the foreign ministry doesn’t tend to recognize the Armenian Genocide, although the MPs show positive attitude towards the Armenian question. And if they are allowed to vote freely, a success will be achieved,” Sevan said.

He said these works will start in two months.

After the discussion, the Israeli Parliament’s Education and Sports Committee officially recognized the Armenian Genocide. The discussion was held on August 1. On July 5, after the discussion of the Armenian Genocide issue in the Parliament’s plenary session, a decision was made to send the draft to the Israeli Parliament’s Education and Sports Committee for further examination and discussion.