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August 16 2018 | 4:20am AET

Crimea ‘An Integral Part’ of Russia says Syria

Source: Asbarez | Thursday, 20 October 2016
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Crimea (Photo: Sputnik/Sergey Malgavko)

Crimea (Photo: Sputnik/Sergey Malgavko)

MOSCOW (Sputnik)—Speaker of the People’s Council of Syria, the country’s legislative authority, Hadiya Khalaf Abbas, told Sputnik she considered Crimea an integral part of Russia which rejoined the country following expression of free will in referendum.

“Due to the events which unfolded after the collapse of the Soviet Union until present times, this [federal] subject returned to its roots [Russia] after the expression of free will of the people at a Crimean referendum… We accept that Crimea is an integral part of Russia,” Abbas said.

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