Danish parliament set to vote on Armenian Genocide bill on January 26

By Asbarez | Friday, 20 January 2017

Danish Parliament, also known as Folketing/Folketinget (Photo: Anders Hviid/Folketinget)

Danish Parliament, also known as Folketing/Folketinget (Photo: Anders Hviid/Folketinget)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (ArmRadio)—The Danish Parliament on January 19 held a discussion about adopting a bill recognizing the Armenian Genocide, and is set to vote on a drafted bill on January 26. Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen in his opening remarks said he stands against adoption of the documents and urged to leave the issue to historians, President of the National Press Club Narine Mkrtchyan reported from Copenhagen.

Members of Parliament backed the Foreign Minister’s stance, urging not to put the bill on a vote at the plenary sitting.

Others agreed with the bill, but called to think about the consequences. A third group of lawmakers expressed their unequivocal support for the adoption of the resolution.

The Parliament is proposed to adopt the following text:

“The Parliament confirms its decision no. V 54 of 19 May 2015 on the tragic and bloody events that took place in eastern Anatolia in the period 1915-1923. The Danish Parliament finds that the best path to reconciliation will be an open dialogue about the story on the basis of a free and uncensored history research, including the release of all official documents from the period. The Parliament regrets that Turkish law prohibits citizens and media to use the term “genocide” about the events, and considers this to be an unreasonable restriction of both academic freedom as freedom of expression relates to the use of this term. Parliament maintains its parliamentary tradition not to issue judgments about historical events.”

The issue was brought forth to the parliament by Nick Hækkerup (S), Søren Espersen (DF), Michael Aastrup Jensen (V), Henrik Dahl (LA), Martin Lidegaard (RV), and Naser Khader (KF).