Syrian foreign minister alludes to Ottoman Turkey’s guilt of genocide

By Asbarez | Monday, 06 March 2017

YEREVAN—On the occasion of 25 years of diplomatic ties, Armenian and Syrian Foreign Ministers Edward Nalbandian and Walid Muallem exchanged messages on March 6, the latter noting that “one of the aggressors attacking the people of Syria is the same party that executed the Genocide against Armenian people,” alluding to the Ottoman Turkish Empire.

Nalbandian emphasized in his address that Armenia condemns terrorism and upholds the policy of international peace and security, which includes the Syrian Crisis. Armenia further highlighted that Armenia has provided humanitarian aid to the Syrian people as needed.

According to the Armenian Foreign Ministry’s press statement, Muallem in his message said that Syria appreciates Armenia’s position regarding terrorist aggression against Syria. He pointed out that one of the parties engaged in aggression against the Syrian people perpetrated genocide against the Armenian people.

“That policy is based on the dreams of autocratic rule, which is doomed to fail and will have the worst consequences,” the Syrian Minister continued, referring to Turkey’s denial policy.

Muallem said that relations between Armenia and Syria “reflect the historical ties between the Syrian and Armenian peoples” and in turn build upon their political, economic, social and cultural relations.

Nalbandian suggested prospects of expansion of Armenian-Syrian cooperation, and highlighted that “the Armenian people won’t forget the great humanitarian aid that Syrian people provided to the survivors of the Armenian Genocide.”

The Armenian and Syrian ministers wished each other peace and prosperity, as efforts to strengthen diplomatic relations will soon develop.