German Lawmaker awarded for pushing international recognition of Genocide

By Asbarez | Friday, 02 June 2017

German parliamentarian Dietmar Nitan was awarded on June 2, 2017 with a

German parliamentarian Dietmar Nitan was awarded on June 2, 2017 with a “Mkhitar Gosh” medal for his dedication toward pushing international recognition of the Armenian Genocide (Photo: Press Office of the President of Armenia)

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—Member of German Bundestag (German Parliament) Dietmar Nietan during his first visit to Armenia, paid a visit to the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex in Yerevan and laid flowers in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide. On this day in 2016, the German Bundestag adopted resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide, with Nietan as one of the authors of the bill.

The parliamentarian is convinced that all the attempts to conceal the fact of the Armenian Genocide are futile, since, according to him, it’s just impossible to hide the crime against humanity.

“As a German Bundestag member, I considered it my duty to do my best for not only reaching the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Germany, but also accepting its co-accountability for the events of 1915. It was important for us to call things by their names, reports the MP saying, who added that the full process is not yet finished.

Nietan stresses that there is much to be done in the future.

“The works of the coming years must be aimed at including this theme in the history text books of the schools,” he said.

Referring to the Turkish reaction and pressures following the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Germany, the parliamentarian noted that the Turkish public has broader world view than its leadership.

“Of course, there have been and still there are pressures by Turkey to influence the policy of those Western countries which try to call the genocide by its name, but we know that there are people among the Turkish public who acknowledge their historical mistake. I have Turkish friends and during private conversations with them it becomes clear for me that in reality the Turks wish to face their history and realize the fact of the crime. It’s just necessary to encourage them to face their history more boldly,” Nietan said.

During his visit, he was met with President Serzh Sarkisian. During their meeting, Nietan was awarded with the “Mkhitar Gosh” medal for his work toward pushing international recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Prior to receiving his award, Nietan said “Being awarded was not my motivation to do whatever I have done. I considered it my duty that not only the memory of the victims is respected, but also similar crimes are prevented in the future.”

On June 2, 2016 the German Bundestag adopted the Armenian Genocide recognition resolution, which is entitled “Remembrance and commemoration of the genocide of Armenians and other Christian minorities in 1915 and 1916.”

Only one Member of Parliament voted against the adoption and one abstained.