More humanitarian aid from Armenia arrives in Syria

By Asbarez | Wednesday, 07 June 2017

The cargo of humanitarian aid arrived in the Syrian city of Latakia on Wednesday 19029649_1609545425754690_7947271778361415077_n 18891797_1609545419088024_8565643253347955265_o Humanitarian-aid-Syria Humanitarian-aid-Syria-3 Humanitarian-aid-Syria-1

YEREVAN, LATAKIA, Syria—A new plane-load of humanitarian aid from Armenia was sent to Syria and arrived in that country’s city of Latakia, according the Armenian Embassy in Damascus.

The aid, which was transported by Russian Il-76 military aircraft, was received by the Armenian Embassy of Syria, and will be distributed by vans to four cities including Damascus, Aleppo, Kessab, and Latakia. According to the Embassy statement, the aid will be distributed to families most in need.

According to Armenia’s Defense Ministry, the cargo weighed about 18 metric tons and included basic necessities, including food.

The packages were marked with the greeting, “With warm wishes from Armenia.”

Representatives of the Armenia’s defense and emergency situations ministries have also traveled to Syria to organize the delivery and distribution of the cargo.