Yacoubian-Hobbs label introduces inaugural vintage

By Asbarez | Monday, 12 June 2017

The Yacoubian-Hobbs Label was introduced in Armenia last month

The Yacoubian-Hobbs Label was introduced in Armenia last month

World renowned winemaker Paul Hobbs visited Armenia on May 7 and 8 to introduce the Yacoubian-Hobbs label, as well as to visit the vineyard and oversee winery operations.

Yacoubian-Hobbs is a partnership between Paul Hobbs and the Yacoubian family focused on crafting boutique, high-quality wines from the Armenian highlands. The inaugural 2014 vintage included a lineup of three wines, one white and two reds, all made from indigenous Armenian grapes.

A week earlier, Hobbs and the Yacoubians launched their inaugural vintage in Los Angeles at the famed 71Above restaurant to great praise and accolades. “The Yacoubian-Hobbs portfolio is a testament to Armenia’s potential for making quality-driven, stellar wines” said Hobbs at Noyan Tun. “After all, this is the cradle of winemaking and as such must have its place on the global map of quality wines. When one tastes the wines, the Yacoubian-Hobbs surely asserts a right step in that direction.”

From left, the top-shelf Sarpina, the Yacoubian-Hobbs white and red wines

From left, the top-shelf Sarpina, the Yacoubian-Hobbs white and red wines

The white, made of a blend of four indigenous grapes, hints to perfectly ripened fruit, while maintaining a remarkable freshness and layers of complex aromas and flavors. The red on the other hand, made of 100 percent of the indigenous Areni grape, offers a fresh, structured, elegant wine with bright red fruit flavors and the telltale pepperiness of Areni. Finally, the top shelf Sarpina, again made from the Areni grape, shines with its deep and brooding purple color, with a stunningly aromatic nose, and a complex flavor profile of dried herbs, black cherry, volcanic minerals and ripe, wild strawberry.

“A taste of these wines hints to the distinction that Armenian wines can garner in the global market. Hobbs’ expression surely radiates this anticipation: “We are on our way and we are very excited” an enthusiastic,” Hobbs concluded.

On the heels of its introduction in Armenia and Los Angeles, Yacoubian-Hobbs won a silver medal in the TEXSOM International Wine. Texsom (som stands for sommeliers) has become one of the most prestigious venues for international wine competition as it brings together prominent judges and the most progressive, rising star sommeliers.

The Yacoubian-Hobbs wines are already available in all high-end restaurants and wine merchants in Armenia. The wines have also been released in the United States.