Hovhannes Bachkov becomes European boxing champion

By Asbarez | Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hovhannes Bachkov during Saturday's winning match

Hovhannes Bachkov during Saturday’s winning match

KHARKOV, Ukraine—Armenia’s Hovhannes Bachkov on Saturday became the 64-kilogram European boxing champion at the conclusion of the European Boxing Championship.

In the final competition, Bachkov defeated England’s Luke McCormack, securing the championship and winning Armenia its sole gold medal from the competition.

Bachkov was born in 1992 in Gyumri and has held the title of Armenia’s champion several times and has participated in a number of international compeitions.

“The first round was difficult, because the strategy I had envisioned was not working,” said Bachkov of his winning match.

“However, in the second and third rounds I was able to alter the course of the match and win,” explained Bachkov adding that “I dedicate all my wins to the Armenian people.”