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July 17 2018 | 11:41pm AET

Azeris kill Artsakh soldier on eastern front

Source: Asbarez | Tuesday, 11 July 2017
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Four Artsakh soldiers were killed on Friday and Saturday

Four Artsakh soldiers were killed on Friday and Saturday

STEPANAKERT—Azerbaijani fire has claimed another soldier of the Artsakh Armed Forces on Monday.

At around 5:40 p.m. local time, during shelling of Artsakh border positions on the eastern front, 20-year-old Vazgen Jirayri Poghosyan was killed, according to an announcement by the Artsakh Defense Ministry.

An investigation has been launched.

This comes after a week of sporadic fighting, during which Artsakh forces retaliated against a massive attack by Azerbaijan last Tuesday on Artsakh positions in Varanda, formerly Fizouli, hitting Azerbaijani position in the Alkhanli village, causing human losses and the destruction of an Azerbaijani military force.

Last week’s attack also magnified a strategy by the Azerbaijani Army, which deploys its forces within residential areas, essentially using its own civilians as human shields.


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