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February 21 2018 | 11:52pm AET

Armenia urges PACE to study investigation of Bulgarian newspaper

Source: Asbarez | Sunday, 15 October 2017
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Member of the Armenian delegation to PACE (Photo: Armenpress)

Member of the Armenian delegation to PACE Naira Zohrabyan (Photo: Armenpress)

STRASBOURG, France (Armenpress) –  Member of the Armenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Naira Zohrabyan has urged  PACE to study the investigation of the Bulgarian “Trud” newspaper, according to which Baku has been supplying arms to conflict zones for over 3 years from Eastern European countries.

Zohrabyan was responding to the remarks of the Azerbaijani representative during PACE.

She stressed that Azerbaijani delegates have been attempting to conceal military crimes committed by their country by spreading lies in the newspaper.

“Dear colleagues, yesterday, when we were discussing the crimes committed by the terrorist ‘Islamic State’ which were described as ‘genocide,’ I was not allowed to give a speech and speak about the horrors that the Yazidis, Christian, and non-Sunnite Muslims encounter. But the most ridiculous thing is that the delegate of Azerbaijan speaks about terrorism, while Azerbaijan acts in the same manner as the ‘Islamic State’ and whose army relies on mercenary-murderers. And according to international reputable media outlets, there are also murderers from Daesh among the Azerbaijani mercenaries, who behead, and slaughter soldiers and civilians – the April War is evidence of that”, said Zohrabyan.

Zohrabyan added that according to the investigation of the Bulgarian newspaper, the Azerbaijani airline “Silky Way Airlines” has conducted at least 50 flights under the pretext of diplomatic flights and during each flight supplied the terrorists with dozens of tons of heavy arms and ammunition.

“Such diplomatic flights are exempt from checks and international regulations and weapons were supplied to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Congo through those flights,” said Zohrabyan.

She added that those facts should never be neglected regardless of Azerbaijani attempts to spread lies and misinformation.

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