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January 17 2018 | 12:16pm AET

Azerbaijanis attempt to steal maps from the Armenian pavilion at Frankfurt book fair

Source: Asbarez | Sunday, 15 October 2017
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The Armenian pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Photo: Nerses Ter-Vardanyan's Faceook)

FRANKFURT, Germany – On Thursday, two Azerbaijani men entered the Armenian pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair and attempted to steal several maps of Armenia and Artsakh.

“Armenian representatives tried to stop them, requesting the return of the stand property, but one of them shouted out political statements and returned to the Azerbaijani stand,” wrote Armenian Deputy Minister of Culture Nerses Ter-Vardanyan on his Facebook.

The representatives of the Armenian stand including Ter-Vardanyan then followed the Azerbaijani men to their stand and took the maps back.

Ter-Vardanyan immediately called the book fair security and police, as well as the Deputy Director of Frankfurt Book Fair, Tobias Voss.

The police spoke to the witnesses of the event and documented what took place. Voss promised to do his best to solve the situation, according to the Deputy Minister of Culture.

The incident was recorded and photographed by journalists.

Ter-Vardanyan noted that he has already seen Azerbaijani news outlets public articles about the incident, stating that Azerbaijani men found and attempted to take maps from the “separatist” stand.

“And this is being done by a country whose stand is overwhelmed with political propaganda to the detriment of culture and literature,” said the Deputy Minister on Facebook. “We are looking forward to a positive solution of the problem from the Frankfurt Book Fair management.”

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