Vandals desecrate Armenian Genocide memorial in French city

By Asbarez | Monday, 06 November 2017

The desecrated Armenian Genocide monument in Vienne, France

The desecrated Armenian Genocide monument in Vienne, France

PARIS—A memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide in the southeastern French city of Vienne was vandalized over the weekend, earning the denouncement of the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations of France (CCAF).

The French Le Parisien newspaper reported the news of the desecration.

The CCAF, a coalition of French-Armenian organizations, denounced the act “with the greatest resolve the condemnation” adding that “the insulting tags on the monument constitute a new attack on human dignity and the memory of the victims.”

In its statement the CCAF said that “this new attack comes as France still has no legal framework to penalize the deniers of the genocide of Armenians.”

CCAF called on the authorities to investigate and apprehend the culprits of this desecration and “to shed light on the heinous act.”

The organization added that such acts “will never be able to slow down the determination of the defenders of the Armenian cause, who everywhere in France and in the world, work to have the crime of genocide committed in 1915 against the Armenian people recognized.”

The Vienne regional councilor Erwann Binet said he was “shocked and dismayed by the degradation of the monument.”