Artsakh military releases new footage showing heavy Azerbaijani manpower, equipment mobilization in line of contact

By Armenpress | Monday, 23 April 2018

YEREVAN, APRIL 23, ARMENPRESS. The defense ministry of Artsakh released new footage showing Azerbaijani manpower and military equipment mobilization in different sections of the line of contact.

The Artsakh defense ministry also called on social media users to refrain from questioning official information released by the military.

The defense ministry’s footage was filmed from 07:42 – 10:01 in the morning of April 23 in different parts of the line of contact with Azerbaijan, showing heavy enemy mobilization.

“The defense ministry of Artsakh calls on all Armenian social media users, and generally news media, to refrain from questioning the official information of the republic’s military-information system and therefore from the criminal temptation of spreading disinformation fraught with shortsighted and dangerous consequences, because it can undermine our pan-national vigilance”, the statement said.