ARF’s reserve brigade to begin training

By Asbarez | Thursday, 26 January 2017

Members of the ARF reserve brigade (Photo: Aparaj)

Members of the ARF reserve brigade (Photo: Aparaj)

YEREVAN (Armenian Weekly)—The Committee of Veteran Affairs of the Supreme Body of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation has signed up 650 citizens for a reserve battalion.

Committee head and Reserve Colonel Artashes Mkhitaryan recently spoke to Armenia’s, where he detailed about the battalion, which will be working in cooperation with Armenia’s Ministry of Defense.

Mkhitaryan stressed that the enemy can attack at any moment and that is Armenia wants peace, then it must be ready for war. “We have begun forming units and volunteers are being distributed to different detachments and battalions based on region. After this work is complete, we will begin training sessions, which will be coordinated with the Defense Ministry. Each soldier is required to learn their place in the battlefield, how to fire a weapon, and where the likely direction of enemy fire might come from,” said Mkhitaryan.

When asked how this program will differ from similar programs that exist like “Alliance of Veterans,” Defenders of the Land,” “Organization of Sworn Veterans,” and “Artsakh War Veterans,” Mkhitaryan said that the main core of their battalion will consist of mainly the youth from the Shushi Battalion.