Australia's Galstaun College Celebrates 30 years - A Message from the Principal

By | Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The 30th Anniversary of Galstaun College is a significant milestone and provides an opportunity to not only celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of our students but to also say thank you to the countless people who have contributed in building and developing this special school.

Thirty years ago, our community recognised the importance and need of establishing an Armenian –Australian educational institution to serve our children. This decision was made with the purpose of delivering excellence, reinforcing our Armenian culture and preparing our youth to be responsible, productive and contributing citizens and leaders for the future. Thirty years on, the College has successfully fulfilled the ethos and vision set by its founders and the school looks forward to continuing its commitment in educating your children and grandchildren for many years to come.

With increasing student numbers and strong academic results, the College is enjoying significant growth which is a reflection of the improvements that the College has made and continues to make. Our enrolments have increased significantly and we are now at the highest point that they have been in the last ten years. Our enrolments for Reception are full and will be full again next year. Our results for NAPLAN and the HSC have been well publicised throughout the community and are the envy of most schools in NSW. The changes made to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities have meant that students have every opportunity to participate, compete and excel in a wide variety of activities. Our commitment to fostering and preserving the College’s Armenian traditions ensures that students develop a deep understanding and appreciation of their cultural heritage. In this important year, I am pleased to see that the school is going from strength to strength which is a reflection of the care and quality of education that we provide.

The successes of this College can be best symbolised through the deeds and accomplishments of our students and graduates. As Principal, I could not be more proud of our students, the qualities they possess and the role they play within our community.  The close bonds shared by our students and the school are truly unique and a testament to the nurturing and caring environment that this College provides. What is most pleasing is that we now have Alumni who have enrolled their children in Reception and Transition this year which only makes our 30th anniversary even more special.

On behalf of the College Board, teachers and student body, I would like to acknowledge and thank the hard work and dedication of all those who have contributed in making this institution what it is today. Being a community school, we are often dependent upon the generosity of our members who have donated their time and funds for the betterment of our students. It is most appreciated. I would also like to thank all our current students, graduates and their parents for their commitment to this College and for understanding the importance of what this school offers.

I hope as a community, we realise just how special this institution is and how lucky we are to have a school which delivers the level of education, care and attention that this College provides. This community must be proud of this College and we must all celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of our students.  With the school dinner dance at the Hilton on Saturday August 27, and our College concert at the Chatswood Concourse on Friday November 18, we will have the opportunity to celebrate together the schools 30th anniversary and say thank you to everyone who has supported the school over the years.