Galstaun College Offering a Western Armenian Language Course for Adults

By | Monday, 17 July 2017

Western Armenian language evening course for adults to be offered at Galstaun College

Galstaun College is offering free introductory Armenian Language evening classes for adults and others wishing to learn Armenian.  The classes will feature the Armenian Virtual College developed by the AGBU and will initially be for Western Armenian.  After this initial trial, Galstaun College also plans for parallel classes in Eastern Armenian.

The course will be held on Wednesday evenings for an 8-week period (2 August to 20 September) at the College grounds and is designed to introduce the Western Armenian language to adults with little to no understanding of the Armenian language.

This exciting opportunity will allow attendees the chance to be exposed to Armenian phrases, the Armenian alphabet, as well as delve into the ancient past of the Armenian people and the modern-day Republic of Armenia.

By completion of the course, participants should expect to be able to read and write the Armenian alphabet, express basic phrases and introduce themselves in Armenian. Furthermore, participants have in the past expressed their delight with the virtual world of the program, as they are guided on virtual tours of Yerevan and the ancient sites around the Republic of Armenia.

This is a free introductory offer for the first 20 participants. Be quick before it fills up.


For further information, please contact:

Galstaun College at; or

Armen Karamanian on 0420 801 487.