Galstaun College announces the late Dickranouhi and Souren Boghossian as new benefactors

By | Thursday, 26 October 2017

SYDNEY: The Board of Management of Galstaun College and its parent body, Hamazkaine Armenian Educational & Cultural Society Regional Committee, have announced the decision to posthumously appoint the late Mrs Dickranouhi (Dicko) and Mr Souren Boghossian as Benefactors of Hamazkaine – Arshak & Sophie Galstaun College.

The Boghossians have left a generous bequest of $165,000 to Galstaun College (through the Galstaun College Foundation) as directed by Krikor Soghomonian, the executor of Mrs Dickranouhi (Dicko) Boghossian’s estate.

“Part of this generous bequest is contributing towards the construction costs of installing high-speed, fibre-optic cable internet connectivity infrastructure of the College,” stated Galstaun College Board Chairperson, Harry Boghossian.

A substantial proportion of the bequest will go towards the recently established Hamazkaine-Arshak & Sophie Galstaun College Foundation, in particular, to the College Foundation’s "Dickranouhi (Dicko and) Souren Boghossian Memorial Endowment"; with the proceeds of investments of that endowment fund being allocated to the needs of Galstaun College as resolved by the Galstaun College Foundation.

“Through the recently established Galstaun College Foundation and generous donations and bequests, members of our community, such as the late Mrs Dickranouhi (Dicko) and Mr Souren Boghossian, can leave a fitting and lasting legacy as well as an important investment in our community’s future generations,” said Vicken Kalloghlian - Chairperson of Hamazkaine Armenian Educational & Cultural Society Regional Committee.

"We sincerely hope that this bequest to the College Foundation of a portion of the late Mrs Boghossian’s Estate will serve as a positive example," Kalloghlian added.