Memorial Bust of Aram Manoukian unveiled in Sydney, with guests including Proodian, Pamboukjian and Sarkissian

By | Wednesday, 11 July 2018

SYDNEY: Over 1,000 members of the Sydney Armenian community gathered as the Founder of the First Republic of Armenia, Aram Manoukian was memorialised with a bronzed bust on the grounds of Galstaun College on Sunday 24th June 2018.

The unveiling event, which marked the 100th Anniversary of Armenia's First Independence, featured a keynote address by visiting U.S. based journalist, Vatche Proodian, who was formerly the Head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation's Archives.

Proodian's rousing speech, which identified the First Republic of Armenia as exemplary, also paid tribute to its brave, patriotic and humble founders - including Aram Manoukian.

The Special Program featured a March by the Homenetmen Scouts, who also partook with performances during what was Sydney's tribute to the First Republic of Armenia, as well as to the 100th Anniversary of the Homenetmen Scouting and Sporting Association.

The Armenian Youth Federation of Australia, Hamazkaine Galstaun College, dancers from Hamazkaine Sassoun and Hamazkaine Nairi Dance Groups also performed to the pleasure of the gathered.

Chair of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation - Australia (ARF-AU) Central Committee, Kevork Vartanian delivered the address, following the unveiling of the Aram Manoukian Memorial Bust, which he undertook along with Proodian and the Principal of Galstaun College, Edward Demirdjian, the Chair of Hamazkaine Australia Regional Committee, Vicken Kalloghlian and Armenian Youth Federation member, Hrant Boujikian. Father Norayr Patanian brought the official Program to a close with a prayer.

The Special Program was followed by a stellar entertainment line-up on the main stage, headlined by visiting superstar singers, Harout Pamboukjian and Karnig Sarkissian.

The dynamic duo were preceded on stage by the local bands of singers, Vartan Gulumian, Raffy Adourian and Sako Mkhmeljian.

Galstaun College's Parents & Friends Committee provided lunch for the audience, which braved the cold to stay at the school's picturesque Ingleside campus until after sundown.

This event concluded Sydney's celebrations on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia, which also featured a sold out Dinner Dance at The Westin Hotel, featuring Pamboukjian, Sarkissian and over 800 members of the community.

Sarkissian also performed to hundreds at the Western Sydney celebration of "Mayis 28" on 29th June, and similarly at the Melbourne celebration on 30th June. A memorial edition of Armenia Magazine was also published to mark the milestone anniversary of the greatest victory in modern Armenian history.

ARF-AU thanked the organising committees for all the events, their sponsors, as well participating organisations including the ARF-AU Sartarabad, Aram Manoukian, Keri and Azadamard Committees, the Armenian Youth Federation of Australia, the Armenian Relief Society of Australia, Homenetmen Australia, Hamazkaine Australia and Armenia Media, Inc.