Armenian Youth Federation of Australia Host Leadership Seminar in Sydney

By | Thursday, 04 July 2019

SYDNEY: The Armenian Youth Federation of Australia (AYF-AU) Central Executive hosted a Leadership Seminar for the multi-branch organisation's executive members, and for the leaders of its Juniors (Badani) chapters.

Participants received educationals from guest lecturers, including Kevork Tufenkjian, Shant Soghomonian, Haig Kayserian and Kaylar Michaelian, who all have held or currently hold leadership positions within and outside the Armenian-Australian community. The guest speakers covered a broad range of topics within leadership, delivering different perspectives and information on the tools needed to lead.

As part of a series of interactive agenda, participants were asked to come up with and present new ideas and strategies for future implementation. They presented these in a 'Shark Tank' set-up.

"The goal of the AYF-AU Leadership Seminar was to equip the current leaders of our organisation, and future leaders of our community, with leadership skills that they can use in both their current roles and in their personal lives," said Aram Tufenkjian, Chair of the AYF-AU Central Executive.

"We would like to thank all our guest speakers for taking time out of their weekends to come and share their experiences with our members. The members thoroughly enjoyed learning from them and gained a lot from their perspectives."

Tufenkjian added: "It was great to see all ungers bringing unique outlook from each of their chapters to the seminar. We hope to implement some of our new ideas and impressions in our further projects."

The AYF-AU Leadership Seminar was held on the Galstaun College campus in Sydney's Ingleside suburb, and involved leaders from the Sydney-based AYF-AU senior and junior chapters.