Armenian Youth Federation of Australia Digitally Celebrates Anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia

By | Friday, 12 June 2020

SYDNEY: The current global pandemic didn’t stop the Armenian Youth Federation of Australia (AYF-AU) from celebrating and commemorating the
102nd Anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia. Throughout the month of May, AYF-AU organised and participated in a variety of events and programs that allowed Armenians from around the world to tune into Australia’s digital celebratory events.

Members of the AYF-AU and AYF-AU Juniors participated in the Armenian Revolutionary Federation of Australia’s Facebook Live on May 28th to honour the 102nd Anniversary of the Republic of Armenia's Independence.

During the program AYF-AU members Nanor Shokayan and Hagop Zarmenian guided over 9,000 viewers through the victories at Sardarabad, Pash Abaran and Gharakilise, and taught viewers about the heroes who allow Armenians to enjoy an independent Republic today. AYF-AU Central Executive Chairperson, Aram Tufenkjian gave an address that called on the youth to continue the work of their predecessors and to strive for a free, independent and united Armenia.

In lieu of regular celebrations, AYF members from 5 regions came together to participate in a Penta-Regional Khrakhjank via Zoom. Over 150 AYF members from Australia, USA Eastern Region, USA Western Region, Canada and South America came together to form closer bonds with each other, sing songs, and dedicate toasts to our independent Fatherland.

“We celebrated Armenia’s Independence by toasting to the strength of the Armenian Youth Federation around the world, encouraging each other to preserve the Armenian culture and fight for the Armenian Cause as well as commending each other on our efforts during lockdown”, said AYF-AU Central Executive Chair, Aram Tufenkjian.

“This Zoom Khrakhjank was the first of many that will hopefully bring the AYF members from around the world closer and create lifelong ties within the international AYF family.”

The final event in the list of May Independence activities was an interactive concert organised by the AYF-AU Central Executive that premiered live on Facebook on the 31st May, 2020.

The MCs for the livestream were Anna Berberian and Hrant Boujikian, who asked a variety of trivia questions about the talented musicians which the audience answered in the comment section.

Over 20,000 people from around the world tuned in to watch the Ispiryans – Arabo, Nersik and Aghasi, Elie Berberian, Element Band, Ruben Sasunci, Tro Krikorian, Krisdapor Arabian, Mgrtich Mgrditchyan, Samvel Yeranyan, Arsen Grigoryan and Hratch Gaydzagian dedicate songs to Armenia’s First Independence.

To sum up the events that commemorated the 102nd Independence of the Republic of Armenia, Tufenkjian said: “I am incredibly proud of the AYF-AU for continuing to organise interactive programs that are being enjoyed by Armenian’s in Australia as well as around the world.”

“The AYF has always been thinking about innovating the way that we host our events and our activities. During the COVID pandemic, we were able to capitalise on the fact that people were mainly staying indoors and also the growing number of youth interacting with each other internationally on video calls. These events have seen us continue our momentum from our events in April and we look forward to our next activities that we have planned.”

Watch a replay of the concert here.