Primate Releases Statement Responding to Armenian-Australian Community Criticism

By | Monday, 15 June 2020

SYDNEY: The Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Australia and New Zealand, Archbishop Haigazoun Najarian has issued a response to the recent criticism of his interview on a Diasporan internet television program, where he characterised the founders of the Armenian-Australian community as an “unfortunately uneducated” flock from the Middle East, who only arrived to these shores because their limitations couldn't earn them visas to the United States, Canada and Europe.

Armenia Media represented the views of our community with an EDITORIAL (click here to read), demanding "a public correction" of the statement that has caused great offence. While the Primate's Statement (read below) does not offer a "public correction", he does promise "a further statement" in coming days. We will reserve our comment until we receive that statement.