Seto Boyadjian in Australia for Armenian Genocide Commemoration Week

By | Monday, 08 March 2010

SYDNEY: Political Analyst Seto Boyadjian (ESQ) has been confirmed as the guest of the Armenian Genocide Commemorative Committee to keynote next month's 95th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide events in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

An attorney at law by day, California-based Boyadjian was formerly the Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), and will arrive in Australia fresh from commentating on the Armenia-Turkey Protocols and the passing of a resolution on the Armenian Genocide by the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Varant Meguerditchian of the Armenian Genocide Commemorative Committee said: "Seto is in a lead group of Political Analysts who has a firm understanding of the Armenia-Turkey Protocols and we are lucky to be able to share his company this April.

"As ANC America Executive Director in Washington, he was tasked with garnering support for Armenian Genocide recognition in the most dynamic political arena in the world."

He added: "Seto brings his knowledge and political experience to share with the Armenian-Australian community and the wider public."

The Armenian Genocide Commemorative Committee confirmed details of the official COMMEMORATION EVENING which will have Boyadjian as keynote speaker, while further details of Commemoration week will be released in coming days and weeks.

Saturday, 24th April

Commemoration Evening
7:00pm, Macquarie Theatre, Macquarie University, NSW

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Seto Boyadjian, ESQ
Political Analyst
Former Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA)