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July 18 2018 | 10:29pm AET

Arizona community gathers to celebrate ARF’s 125th anniversary

Source: Asbarez | Saturday, 12 March 2016
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Vahe Bozoyan of the A.R.F Western Region Central Committee speaking to a full community center Vahe Bozoyan of the A.R.F Western Region Central Committee presenting the keynote address for the evening Minas Kokonian presenting award to Mr. and Mrs. Gabi Kourieh and Mr. and Mrs. Mano Bekelian Hovan Demirjian and Vatche Megerditchian lighting candles in recognition of their over 40 years of commitment to the A.R.F.; From left to right: ARF Western Region Central Committee Community Development Task Force members, Hovig Bedevian, Satenig Ghazarian, Arizona ANCA Chair Zaroug Baltajian, ANCA-WR Government Affairs Director, Tereza Yerimyan, Silva Keshishian, ARF Western Region Central Committee Community Development Task Force Toros Kejejian, Vahe Bozoyan of the A.R.F Western Region Central Committee, and  Father Zakaryan of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Arizona; Arizona Arizona AYF chapter members with AYC CE member Karnig Barseghian Chair of the ARF Kevork Chavoush chapter, Minas Kokonian ANCA Arizona Chair Zaroug Baltajian emcees the evening reception

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Armenian American community gathered, in late February, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. More than 120 Arizonians gave tribute to the history and mission of the ARF at the Armenian Cultural Center located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.

Delivering the keynote address on behalf of the A.R.F Western Region Central Committee was Vahe Bozoyan, “For 125 years, the A.R.F. has taken upon its shoulders the responsibility for a nation,” he noted in his remarks. Bozoyan continued, “Whether it is Hai Tahd, community-building, or securing and helping Armenia, the A.R.F. has never been alone in its efforts. It has been our common cause dedication and sacrifice to our nation that has kept us strong, and our unwavering, united commitment that has allowed us to prevail and grow stronger across 125 years.”

During the event, the chair of the A.R.F. Kevork Chavoush chapter, Minas Kokonian, presented Hovan Demirjian and Vatche Megerditchian with commendations for their commitment to the ARF for over forty years. The chapter also recognized the long-time support of Mr. and Mrs. Gabi Kourieh and Mr. and Mrs. Mano Bekelian for their selfless contributions to Armenian community organizations in Arizona.

In line with their commitment to community development and the A.R.F. principles of philanthropy, the Kevork Chavoush Gomideh donated a portion of their proceeds to the Syrian Armenian Relief Fund Telethon taking place the following day. “While it is important to celebrate and remember the legacy of the A.R.F., we cannot forget the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Syria,” commented Kokonian.

Joining the Arizona community in their celebration of the 125th anniversary were representatives from the ARF Central Committee Community Development Task Force, Toros Kejejian, Silva Keshishian, Hovig Bedevian, and Satenig Ghazarian. The Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region (ANCA-WR) was represented by their Government Affairs Director, Tereza Yerimyan and the Armenian Youth Federation, Central Executive Board was represented by Karnig Barseghian.

“It is the goal of the A.R.F Central Committee to develop and give rise to a thriving Armenian community in Arizona and other states where Armenian American communities are appearing,” remarked Kejejian, Chair of the A.R.F. CC Community Development Task Force. He continued, “We witnessed a truly unifying event hosted by the Arizona A.R.F and we will work with their leadership to continue expanding the reach of the Armenian organizations and the community center.”

For more information about on how to get involved with the Armenian community in Arizona, or to find out about upcoming events, visit facebook.com/Armenian-Center-Phoenix-AZ.