Sarkisian honors Artsakh soldiers, visits wounded

By Asbarez | Wednesday, 20 April 2016

STEPANAKERT—President Serzh Sarkisian on Wednesday, accompanied by the President of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic visited wounded soldiers at the Central Military Hospital

The two leaders became acquainted with the well-being and progress of the soldiers, who were wounded during the savage attacks by Azerbaijan that began on April 1 along the entire Karabakh-Azerbaijan border.

The presidents expressed his gratitude to the Defense Army soldiers for their courage and wished all the wounded early recovery.

On the same day the two presidents visited a military unit of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Army where they met with soldiers and commanders of the unit and later presented state awards to a group of servicemen who had shown courage and bravery while defending the Artsakh state borders.

“You have once again showed everyone who the Armenian soldier is,” Sarkisian said during the ceremony at the Artsakh military unit.

“I said years ago that if we are forced to go to war then today’s soldiers and officers will fight no less courageously than their fathers, grandfathers and senior comrades did. You have proved that you are much more combat-ready, brave and tough,” added Sarkisain.

“In those difficult days, not a single Armenian soldier or officer left his position, everyone fought to the end,” he explained.

As part of Sarkisian’s visit to Stepanakert, which began Tuesday, the two leaders held a consultation meeting with representatives of Artsakh’s legislative, judicial and executive branches.

The focus of the discussions was the recent attacks by Azerbaijan and the current situation as it relates to the frontline and domestic stability.

Sahakian praised Armenia’s and the Diaspora’s solidarity and commitment during the days of the attack and emphasized the key role that Armenian National unity played in achieving victories on the battleground.