Iran’s Armenian lawmaker urges ‘open and honest dialogue with people’

By Asbarez | Thursday, 04 January 2018

Jorjik Abrahamian, a member of Iran's parliament representing the Armenian community

Jorjik Abrahamian, a member of Iran’s parliament representing the Armenian community

TEHRAN—As anti-government protests continue to roil Iran, in what appears to be a popular protest against that country’s economic policies affecting young people there, an Armenian member of Iran’s parliament representing the Armenian communities of Isfahan and the southern regions called for an immediate, “open and honest dialogue with the people,” to hear their grievances.

Jorjik Abrahamian, one of two members of parliament representing the Armenian community, said that mass demonstrations taking place across the country are the result of indifference toward the people’s just demands, which been manifested in expressions of protest, reported the Tehran-based Alik newspaper, which quoted the lawmaker as saying to the Iranian Khanehe-Mellat agency.

Abrahamian said that it was imperative for the people to regain their trust in the authorities and has called on them to immediately begin an open and honest dialogue with the people, which he said will benefit the restoration of peace in the country.

“I have witnessed people, with the aim of addressing their grievances, spend days gathered in front of parliament. However, no one has paid attention to them,” explained Abrahamian in his interview with Khanehe-Mellat, reported Alik.

He described the protests as multifaceted and said that it was critical to address the issues from a similar perspective, adding that there are forces who are attempting to take advantage of situation “by instigating unlawful behavior.”

“At the same time,” he said, “a vast majority of the people have grievances and demands that must be heard,” added Abrahamian.

He said that the two factions must be differentiated and dealt with according to the confines of the law, through which, he said, “I am convinced the situation will be resolved very quickly.”